2 comments on “Illustrations

  1. Hello,
    I must say I like your new Blog:) and, found it very easy to navigate with lots of interesting things to see and read.I’m a fantasy fan myself,have been for years and I write mostly in that genre for 12 to 16 year old’s.On the strength of that,I would like to inform you that on the Authors and Writers Blog.I have three sections dealing with Sci-Fi- fantasy.The first is a, free to download, C G I image Gallery dealing with a whole host of well known Sci-fi themes which I produce a couple of years ago.The second is an Author Spotlight on a well known American Sci-Fi Illustrator,”Don Webster”.There’s an interesting Bio on him and 7 examples of his most prolific works for you to see.And lastly, Another Authors Spotlight,highlighting a well known Australian Sci-Fi illustrator ,:Phillip Phair” presenting 7 of his most well known illustrations.
    Manuscripts that I’m currently working on are:”The Train,now waiting on {Platform 3…Hooter ,
    Hornbuckle and Barnabus Belmont in “The Best of Friends” and various chapters from my book “Warrior”

    James A Bresco
    Authors and Writers Blog

    • I’m glad you found the site easy to navigate! I try to keep it uncluttered.
      I’m not sure why you’re telling me all this(please don’t advertise on my website in the future), but I’ll take it as being in good faith.

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