18 comments on “Guest Post by Vanessa Finaughty – 5 Reasons I Prefer Self-Publishing

  1. I agree! It is much better than choosing the traditional publisher… Although, I have to admit, I tried going that route in the past. Got rejected, because there was no South African culture in it. Self-publishing is better, because I can publish all of my work whenever I want 🙂

  2. Of course, there are also many publishers doing both – publishing traditionally and self-publishing certain of their works. Especially if they think there isn’t really a market for a particular type of story. I’ve a mind to self-publish certain stories I’ve written at a later stage. One market that I’m thinking would be good to self-publish – and that comes to mind – is what’s called “furry creatures”. These are characters that aren’t human or alien but are based on certain animals and have certain characteristics given to them in the story, for example: they’ve been augmented in some way or have magical powers.

  3. Nice post, and very convincing reasons why anybody would want to self-publish. I also think self-publishing is so much easier as an option than sending off potentially lots of submissions.

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