2 comments on “Putting a Face to the Name

  1. I usually think that, in general, it’s probably better to let people imagine what one looks like. But I’ve seen your photo and, like some other fortunate people, cameras like you.
    How’s you cute little owl doing?

    • I have gotten better with cameras in the last couple of years. I used to have my eyes half-closed in every single photo of me, making me look drunk or stoned. Now I have learned to open my eyes to the point where I’m crying from the strain after the camera shutter goes off!

      About the owl, you wouldn’t call him cute if you had to live with him at the moment. The last couple of weeks he has been hooting constantly if the house gets too quiet. Which means all… damn… night.
      He did the same thing last spring for a month or so, but back then I thought it was because of mating season. Now, I really have no idea why he’s doing it!

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