2 comments on “Going on BookLikes(Giveaway)

  1. I gave BookLikes a try and gave away three books on it. I was kind of hoping the people would be more grateful, and maybe even leave a review. Nope, nothing. Still, I was happy to give something because a day or so into it I hadn’t even had one person express interest yet. That’s disheartening!

    • Well, I wasn’t looking for a community just for marketing books, I mainly wanted a place that was about reading. There’s a reason readers are getting so annoyed with self-published authors always pushing books in their faces, so while I might do a giveaway every once in a while, I would rather spent some time there as a reader.
      And the thing is, readers don’t owe authors anything. They are not obligated to take interest in our books and I know from myself that I have never posted a review of a book before I started publishing myself. Most people don’t finish a book and think ‘Hey, I better go help out the author with a review right now!’.
      It would be nice if it was the case, but I really can’t blame them! It’s something with stones and glass houses 🙂

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