4 comments on “Quote – George Orwell

  1. He knew what he as saying and he was right. I always hope I have real ability and am not in the grip of some terrifying delusion. Many people waste their life obsessively and to no purpose.

      • The trouble is, some of have just enough talent to deceive ourselves. I don’t think you will ever know the truth unless you try, and see it in the reaction of others. We are often the poorest judge of our own abilities. I wish you every success anyway and I applaud you for having a dream

  2. It works both ways. We might deceive ourselves into believing we have the talent, but good writers might also be crippled by undeserved self-doubt.
    There’s no other way than to throw your work at someone who has no obligations towards you. That’s the only way it can be seen through clear eyes.

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