7 comments on “BookTango – A Refreshing New Take on Ebook Distribution

    • Aww, I feel so bad for you! But I can tell you, when the day finally comes where you’re free it will feel like a celebration! I

      • I knew that I would have to wait and see how it all worked to see that the cons were(There’s always cons), so I knew there would be something like this out there!

        But just to say, this article is from February and there’s a lot of things that are outdated. For example, it says that you can only change your listing price through customer service, which is not true anymore. I easily changed from their default 4.99 to 3.99 when I was going through the publishing steps.

        But thanks for the article anyway! I think I will wait and make my own experiences with them, since it seems like that article showed them just as they were starting out and a lot will have changed by now.

      • MYO- that was actually an error in the article on the royalty rate. If you read further down in the article you’ll see there is a correction. Also, we announced the 100% royalty rate through July 4, 2012 at the beginning of May. It is true, Booktango is not taking a penny. Sell a book for $4.99 on our site and you will earn $4.99. While we can’t control the fees retailers such as Amazon, Kobo, and Apple charge, we will give you every penny they give Booktango after their fees. No catch! We’d love you to give us a try. http://www.booktango.com

        Michelle- thanks for the shout out for Booktango! We appreciate the word of mouth!

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