6 comments on “KDP Select – A Great Promotion Tool or the Slow Murder of the Ebook Market?

    • Haha, I never thought about that before! Are you sure Blog.com won’t get mad if they discover you have taken their logo?

  1. They took ours 🙂 plus it’s ever so slightly different. It’s a sign that MYO is amazing though.

  2. Michelle, another issue with KDP Select is that most potential customers are not going to take a chance on a book (I’m going through this now) no matter how cheap it is or how good they think it might be, until the Free Promo has ended. And yet one shouldn’t run the promotion until one has done all one could to publicize their book. It can be very frustrating.

    • It is indeed very frustrating, especially now after Select has run so long that readers are so used to free books. I think the ones who jumped on the train immediately after its launch gor lucky, because the market hadn’t become overflowed by free books yet, but you’re very unlucky to be tied to it at the moment where the hype has died down!

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