4 comments on “The Spiteful World of Indie Publishing

  1. “And in the end, I really doubt ruining potential success for others will ever lead to anything good anyway.”
    I second that opinion. I know it isn’t new in the big publishing houses either. Maybe I am naive thinking indie’s will band together and support one another, letting their books stand on their own merit, but I hold out hope that most feel that way.

    • I’m sure that’s how much feel, but there will always be some who cares for no one but themselves. Through my talks with other indies, I have met a lot of amazing and helpful people, and I want to believe those are the majority!

  2. One wonders, of course, if in the long run the cream will still rise to the top. I am curious if there is a way to have obviously fraudulent and bogus reviews removed from the site. Can they be flagged? People who do such things dishonor the profession, have no honor themselves, and (karmically, at least) should not be allowed the privilege of making a living as a writer. They also have no business creating worlds or stories. They are destroyers, not creators.

    • I could not phrase it better myself. It’s a disgrace that this can be allowed to happen without anyone doing anything to stop it.
      I have heard several people complaining about how they contacted the retailer site(In much cases Amazon) to take down the obviously hateful reviews, but got rejected because the reviews apparently wasn’t a violation of the site’s “review guidelines”.
      It’s not a surprise that large retailers like Amazon doesn’t care, since this really doesn’t hurt them, but I still think it’s pathetic that they just let those so-called “writers” continue with such behavior.

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